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Cutler hammer breaker review


Video Transcript

ok folks today i just want to point out we’re going to do a quick video I want to talk to you about cutler-hammer we have what we call color hammer 10 and cutler ever black the color hammer 10 or the older style cutler-hammer breakers see those are kind of specific breakers at this point I’m one way you can sense that you noticed the panel covers 10 you notice the breakers or 10 the new breakers are black and for you electricians and use sadly homeowners got the same footprint as a seaman’s breaker IT but it’s made by eaton corporation and they’ll be a great panel ok so in some ways since i have a cover hammer panel you want to say is that the color ever tan or the black one thing we don’t say go ahead and add a 30 amp circuit right here at a 65 circuit here and on we just added an extra he tries want to point out here is here is your neutral ground bar this here’s your neutral grab bar on this side here i just put one on each side of this particular panel box and you do not have to isolate your neutrals in your grounds because you don’t have a full wire system that’s really pretty much it i just want to point out the different feet on the breakers the cover hammer tan he’s got the claws I’m just gonna stick this one in to show you what to talk about ok that’s it if you have any questions if you have any problems just give us call it gels air-conditioning 2 3 95 96 5855 or the jobs recognition com

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